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john bio mask2John Garde

painting portrait

 As a child, John spent hours "cloud gazing" through the classroom window. His fascination with the works of Velasquez, Titian and Rembrandt, has fuelled a lifelong endeavour to create an illusion of realism in paint. Today John's art reflects his love of capturing light. His works respond to changes in the Australian landscape - reds of the north, fine veils of mist in a Bridgetown winter and untouched morning sand beside a southern ocean. John depicts the fleeting moment - be it a reflection, an expression or a cloud.

For the past 40 years John has pursued the dual careers of artist and art teacher. In his capacity as an educator, John has inspired students in paint, pencil, printmaking, jewellery and clay. Working with students across WA, from Morawa to Methodist Ladies' College and more recently, the Western Australia state's South West, he has supported and encouraged the development of a myriad of art-related careers.

John works towards exhibitions and on commission pieces from his studio and runs workshops in watercolour, drawing, traditional oil painting and the orchestration of the Visual Language.

"The Art of the Portrait" is available for to purchase online. This 20 minute DVD documents historic influences, techniques and interviews with the artist as he demonstrates elements of his portait-painting process.  



su bio mask3Su Berghuis-Garde

Bachelor of Creative Industries, (Visual Arts major) Edith Cowan University, SWCampus

Diploma of Fine Art, Claremont School of Art United World College of South East Asia, Singapore

With images drawn directly from her surroundings, Su explores solitude and change. Using mixed media of ink, charcoal, watercolour and acrylic paint, she works on canvas, paper and fabric, producing works inspired by a sound, a thought or a memory.  

"The creative act is a refuge; a place to sort through memory and mystery. Writing about the work is always the hardest part. That's why we make images – because in that space of colour, shape and line – we can explore something that takes place beyond words. Previous exhibitions have looked at female rites of passage and contained images of cycles; birth, loss, change. Much of the work reflected feminine themes, both personal and universal.In more recent work the leaves, the river and bird sounds have found their way into my picture plane. Nature nourishes my imagination and many of these small images have been made sitting outside under a tree."

"Our return to Dunsborough, WA, following a 12 year meander, heralds a reconnection with the inspiration revealed in a coastal environment. I watch in wonder as the images emerge..."

Please feel free to contact me for design or photographic commissions and freelance journalism."




"Waterlillies" by Su Berghuis Garde