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Join us on our Art Tour to Monet's Garden, Giverny, France. Book Now.

Tinkahill Studio and Gallery offers European Art Tours for groups interested in learning the history of the culture through being there with two artists and a guide/interpreter. During our Art Tours we run daily workshops in drawing, watercolour and acrylic and have the opportunity to develop these skills en plein air during our visits to fabulous 'off the usual tourist track' venues. The tour also includes good food and comfortable living in a beautiful environment.  


Tour Schedule

 Images from our May 2013 tours to Sicily and Tuscany and,  2014, 2015, 2017 tour to Giverny and Monet's Garden to  can be viewed on our Tinkahill facebook page.

Currently we are taking names of anyone who might be interested in our next Art Tour to France (Monet's garden Giverny).

GROUP ONE September 6th-15th 2018 for emerging artists interested in developing through daily workshops with John and Su or,

GROUP TWO September 18th-26th for established artists ,photographers,writers.

Participants are people of like mind who are either desiring to to follow their passion in their field of creativity (group two) or, (group one) learn and develop their painting and drawing skills, through the sensitive and professional teaching of John and Su, in an extraordinarily atmospheric environment, away from the normal,

The following tour is currently on offer:


Art in Giverny - from  Sept. 6th-15th 2018 daily workshops for emerging artists for practicing artists,photographers,writers

or, 18th-26th Sept 2018 for practicing artists, photographers, writers.. tinkahill art tour book now small

art-in-giverny-tourPractice your drawing and acrylic painting skills, supported by daily tutorials from John Garde and Su Berghuis-Garde. We will spend the week in Giverny, the beautiful French village which has inspired so many visitors to Monet’s garden. Giverny is approximately a one hour train journey from Gare St. Lazar in Paris.  We meet at the station in Paris and travel together by train to the town of Vernon.  Our tour guide in France will transport us and all our luggage the short drive to our accommodation in Giverny.

Giverny is a small village. We can walk everywhere within half an hour and most walking is flat, however the hills around the village provided inspiration for many artists before us and anyone with moderate fitness levels will be well rewarded for their climb to abundant woodlands with vistas of the local landscape.

Our intent for this trip is to provide an experience of slowing down and connecting with one particular place. There is plenty of subject matter for your camera and art inspiration!

Below is a list of just some of the experiences on offer on this tour:

- Visit Monet’s Garden, in beautiful autumn light…the pink house with its green shutters, stand in the studio and the family kitchen (no photos allowed inside the house, but we can draw!) avenues of colour….then a short walk beneath the road, et voila….the pond, the bridge, the wonder!

- The Impressionist Museum, Giverny-exhibitions, gift shop and restaurant, surrounded by an inspiring contemporary garden.

- Spend time at Madame Baudy’s …..the hotel frequented by French Impressionist Painters…the garden is a delight and the studio used by the artists still stands.

- Explore the laneways, river-course, antiques and architecture of the villageplenty of opportunity for drawing and painting at every corner.

- Visit Monet’s grave site and the Norman Church.

We will present art history tutorials about French Impressionism related to what you may wish to see in Galleries and Museums in Paris. 

Please contact us on 0467631200 or 0427184956 or through this website as soon as possible to inquire further and Book this tour to avoid disappointment as places are limited.

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